Follow Me on the Journey, called Life

Since my early 20's I have loved reading blogs. Watching makeup & hair tutorials was a normal everyday routine for me. Thru the years my love for them continued, whether it be about motherhood, family life or cleaning blogs, I always thought it would be such an exciting thing to pursue. But thought to myself "What is so interesting about my life, that people would want to read about?" And to me that is the thing about it, you put yourself out there to the world, your raw, imperfect life. Yes, it would be terrifying but the thought of connecting with so many others that have the same interest, lives, or even struggles would be so empowering. Plus it would be a great way to release and let go some thoughts along the way. How cool would it be in 5 years to look back on everything you had dealt with, accomplished, overcome?

So after immense thought, I decided to go for it! Oh man just rereading that last line gives me Goosebumps and such excitement at the same time! So here is to the beginning of this exciting yet terrifying journey.