I offer valuable services
I'm proud to provide the highest quality services and I'm committed to being reliable, detail-oriented as well as affordable. This passion for my clients sets me apart from other housecleaning companies and allows you to have your time back.

- Services & Products -
When I started my housecleaning business I also made the decision to offer organization services as this seems to be an issue for so many people. See more about my organization services by clicking here.

When I clean a home, I will supply everything that is needed. The cleaning products that I use the most are from a product line called Method. They are plant-based, non-toxic and they smell AMAZING. (Think fresh, clean scents like clementine, lavender, grapefruit and spearmint!) Bathrooms, kitchens and bigger jobs or messes require more powerful detergents of course but I try my best to stay away from harmful and toxic products as much as possible. Better for you, your home and the environment!

Cleaning companies have a high turnover rate, but with Organize, Clean and Declutter It, you'll never have to worry about who is coming into your home. It will always be the same person, every single time - me! Sometimes larger jobs I do call upon the assistance of another person but you will always be made aware and have the opportunity to meet them.

- Housecleaning Services -
A thorough cleaning may be just what your investment needs!
- one time cleanings
- weekly cleanings
- bi-weekly cleanings
- monthly cleanings
- move-in/ move-out cleanings
- rental properties, new listings, etc.
Prices & Options
- Housecleaning Services - Standard Services -
- one time cleanings, weekly cleanings, bi-weekly cleanings, monthly cleanings -
There are several factors that go into the rates and they vary for each home. Level of cleaning needed and the size of the home are a few factors that are considered.
For an estimate based on your housecleaning needs use the contact form.

- Housecleaning Services - Expanded Services -
- Move-In/ Move-Out , Rental Properties, New Listings, Etc. -
Rates will vary, starting at $150
This cleaning includes regular services plus wet washing baseboards, windowsills, and interior windows (within reach), carpet shampooing.
For an estimate based on your housecleaning needs use the contact form.

- Housecleaning Services - Expanded Services -
- New Construction Cleaning -
Rates are $.20 per sq. ft. of finished living space.

- Organization Services -
Because it's a struggle to stay organized and the struggle is real! Staying organized and finding the time to stay organized can be overwhelming.
- hands on organizing
- virtual guided organizing
Prices & Options
- Hands On Organizing -
All sessions are all-inclusive, judgement free, and 100% confidential!
Rate is $35 per hour, 2 hour minimum. (Budget Packages Available for larger Jobs)
Pricing includes:
- personal shopping for your project
- light surface cleaning
- 1 donation haul-away per session
- text/email access between sessions
- 2 hours hands-on help in your home
- additional time spent off-site researching for your space
- organizational solutions tailored to you
- product recommendations

- Virtual Guided Organizing -
All sessions are all-inclusive, judgement free, and 100% confidential!
For those who prefer to do the hands-on work but need a bit of guidance and accountability. Access the knowledge and experience of a professional organizer via virtual coaching.
Rate is $15 per hour, 2 hour minimum.

After a complimentary virtual consultation (free), we will schedule sessions to begin decluttering and implementing organizing solutions that will help your home run efficiently. My goal is to reclaim space and enable you to regain peace of mind. Whether is it one closet or your entire home, we will work together to establish systems that you'll love.
Pricing includes:
- 1 60-90 minute home assessment
- A customized plan for your space that outlines:
Step-by step instructions to help you reach your desired outcome
Product recommendations
Inspirational photos for you to work toward
Ideas for systems that will curb future clutter
Strategies to maintain your improved spaces
Follow up emails

30 days of virtual coaching and project guidance with detailed tasks, due dates, collaboration, and encouragement.


  1. Hi, I am trying to get ahold of you to talk about a potential job in Moberly, MO. Can you share your contact info? Are you still in business? There is no way to contact you from your website without leaving a comment here. Can you reach out to me at me@denisecastelli.com if you are interested.

    1. Hi! Thank you for reaching out, I have emailed you.

  2. Potentially interested in organization services. Please email me at aepeterson15@gmail.com


    1. Good Afternoon, I just emailed you. Looking forward to hearing back.

  3. Hello, can I have your email? I am looking for a professional home organizer for my cabin in Kirksville, MO. My parents recently moved form Texas and we have major decluttering to do.

  4. My email is viviana9991@gmail.com. My name is Gabriella Viviana.